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Her boss at work, her bosses friends, my landlords siblings, night being high and drunk I get in my big offroad brand new truck that I had missed 6 payments and been hiding from the repo man and decided to do a home invasion slap the bitch and her new lover.I know you guys always wanted the best for me, you always wanted me to be happy and the best I could be. There’s nothing that you could have done; you’ve all tried to help me. Last couple of nights though I've gone from being very depressed to being down right angry. Then when I went to talk to her thurs and arrange plans she blocked my number and deleted me from fakebook. Its not about money, or other people, its about finding a way to be happy just with yourself.... but there's a girl sitting at home alone in australia that would happily have coffee with any of you, your not as alone and unloved as the voices in your head would have you believe.563040524I hear you with the pissed off feeling lately.I don’t want anyone to feel like it was their fault. My story the love of my life ex is recently engaged, and well it just killed me all over again. My car blew up yesterday and probably has a cracked head. I think I mentioned I started working out recently. No matter what, no matter how good it would get it would always end up like this. I know that helped me, because they always come back its just a matter of patience and active participation on making those moments happen as well as knowing when to enjoying them as they come naturally. There is that one second where you can finally feel emotions, and you think "this is it. The feeling crawls back down like some sort of sick game. I listen and talk to others, if not to give advice(sometimes we just don't have the answers) then to just let em get it off their chest, let em know someone cares, and I really do.

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And I kinda feel like I built her up, repaired those cracks in her..then she went away once she was strong enough. but honestly I don't believe that for a second because I know that no one is capable of feeling the same way about me as I do them. I guess it's bc I can't forgive myself for putting my hands on her. I just keep telling myself, "If Robin Williams can do it, I can do it, too." I know I've brought this upon myself, but I hate myself for dragging her into this.563043631That I don't really have an answer to. I have a factor that some maybe don't, nephews and nieces that need me. Time they say heals all, I'm still waiting for that too.

I feel like I'm in some terrible romantic comedy where the protagonist spends half his life waiting for the right girl.

Never told anyone this before, but, my life has reached the point, in which I get very little joy out of anything. I fill my house with videogames I never play, books I never read, pointless shit, because the only joy I get is when I get shit in the mail cause I feel like someone out there cares about me enough to send me these nice things, when the sad reality is nobody would care enough.

I'll continue to try..deep down I know if she ever said 'lets end this break' I'd go running to her, for her I'd wait forever..yet I'm still doing my best to get over her. The broken deserve the same fucking happiness, and I'm sick of not being good enough, and being depressed. I'm still young and feel all this pain in my heart. I've still got so much life to live I may not have even seen a glimpse of true pain. 563035638Im here, i'll be here always for you anon, hope you get over with it and keep going. I had been trying this time to get over with it and really engaged someone but i can't. I've never seen her look more sad...563039534Hey guy. Because when we see someone we love, we'll keep our mouths shut..long as they're happy. I've been through rough times over the past few years. I've lost pretty much the only things I've ever had in my life. You deserve to be listened to.563040959Yeah I remember saying you started working out, and I should more, just been busy and then i get distracted, think I'll do some shit tonight though. Yeah man real angry lately, and that is really the most fucked up thing a girl could do.

I love you guys, thanks for always being here, even if you don't read idc. I know it's hard just look at me, broke with my the love of my life 2 years ago and i still can't love anybody like i loved her. Anyways thanks anon I appreciate your time My ex got married today. ' Test' the guy she likes, cause we will always fail if we think you're happy even if it's with someone else, we'll just keep it to ourselves.

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