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Sheldon starts the episode in a BDG tee, blue with gray horizontal stripes (discontinued from Urban Outfitters).Later as the boys are playing with the dancing cornstarch, Sheldon is wearing his Flash athletic jersey.The guys are up on the apartment roof performing a lunar ranging experiment.While Raj is using the telescope after he's done watching "The Good Wife" on someone's TV, Leonard thinks Penny would like to be up here to see what they are doing. Zack is afraid that when the laser hits the moon, the laser will blow it up.By Leonard's request, Sheldon catches Leonard up on how Penny got there.The boys are having some fun with a simple Non-Newtonian fluid (corn starch and water mixture) when Penny interrupts them to seek Sheldon's advice on the game.

Penny notices Sheldon playing his game, and curiously inquires.

The gang meets Penny's dim-witted new guy Zack while performing a laser experiment on the apartment building roof.

Raj and Howard sign up Sheldon for online dating and find him a match: a real girl named Amy Farrah Fowler.

Leonard comes back to see a cat eating Penny's ice cream outside her apartment from her groceries that got dumped after her grocery bag broke open.

When he enters his apartment, he sees Penny, now obsessed with Age of Conan, and Sheldon who is helping her.

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