Teddy riley dating

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and she is a straight liar, mulipulator who can’t fight bitch who tries to get over everyone. i saw him on”baisden” the other nite talking about how his wife cheated on him and i wondered what kind of fool is she? ME AND TEDDY DATED IN 2002 TO 2004 ON AND OFF WE BOTH LIVED IN VA AT THE TIME SO IT WAS NOTHING FOR US TO GET TOGETHER.

it was good to see u years ago at a show here in texas. Love u always I think all of the people who know him personally would keep it to themselves. Teddy Riley’s marriage to aspiring singer Melinda Santiago is just about over.The 39-year-old singer/producer of Blackstreet and Guy filed for divorce from Santiago after being married apparently less than two months.seems after she got “cheated on with a computer”, she then starts sleeping with my boyfriend/children’s father for who knows how long (in atlanta). HE IS A VERY NICE GUY AND ABOUT AS LEVEL HEADED AS ALL OF US. Yes what goes around comes around and your so called man you claimed still does. Last comment on this page…When I first got on here I was very hurt and just wanted to vent.after i figured it out ( her naked ass in pictures in his phone), i called her and had a respectable conversation with her. you still sleep around in atlanta with everyone else’s but your own?? THIS IS WHAT I HAVE TO SAY…TEDDY, GOD IS YOUR JUDGE. Teddy and I are very good friends now and I am happy for that. I know rumors will come and go so I really don’t have the time for it.

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