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“Five years, Atlantic City exclusively,” Gilliam said. Please treat other participants with respect and in a way that you would want to be treated. Personal attacks, especially on other participants, are not permitted.“We would get the lion’s share of the revenue for it.” Gilliam’s also anticipating Atlantic City sports betting if green-lighted by the U. Supreme Court, and a host of other items on a progressive’s agenda, including environmental issues like the helium balloon ban he championed while on Council, and social issues like A. He says New Jersey will notice a difference with a Democrat back in office. We reserve the right to permanently block any user who violates these terms and conditions.She became pregnant many times, giving birth to a total of seven children.

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He expects more help from the state and less usurpation of power.

She lives at the Jersey Shore but also writes about Philly. Gilliam Jr., an Atlantic City native and councilman, will take office Jan. His timing might be better than his predecessor, Don Guardian, who inherited a city on the verge of insolvency and watched five casinos close beginning two weeks after taking office. He says he has written assurance from the state overseers that the city’s valuable Municipal Utility Authority, its waterworks, will remain under city control, despite private companies having expressed interest and repeated suggestions that Atlantic County take over operations.

Most recent preoccupations: the epic drama of Atlantic City, the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, local beach culture, shoobies, the fragile psyche of the Philadelphia sports fan, and Miss America.

Not to mention a vast state takeover orchestrated by a hostile governor. Here are five ways the city might evolve under a Gilliam administration: Whereas Guardian, 64, came in as a cheerleader, then morphed into a brawler, Gilliam, 47, likens himself to a point guard – adept at running the offense and dishing out the ball to the people he can rely on to score.

“Everything changes,” said Gilliam, who in an interview Monday in his council office said he is planning a “SWOT analysis” of the city’s recovering finances. There’s going to be a progressive outlook that Atlantic City’s going to have when it comes to the way we run business. And if that includes South Jersey insurance magnate and political power broker George E. He’s consistently said he’s open to deals with anyone who can produce.

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