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Claudia finally decides to strike out on her own, just like her father long before.

The final shot shows her car coming over a bridge, the one leading out of town.

Except for those natural bridges of fallen trees or a perfect series of stepping-stones in a brook, a bridge is “unnatural” and perhaps hateful in the eyes of the gods.

However, there is a concurrent tradition of the metaphorical “crossing a bridge,” bringing positive or hopeful change into one’s life.

He needs to escape his previous identity as a successful preacher and the probable murderer of his wife’s lover.

Before he steps onto the bridge, he sinks his “big ole Lincoln-Continental” car with its “Sonny” license plates into the bayou.

Throughout world cultures and history, the bridge has served as a useful metaphor for the rites of passage: birth, puberty, marriage, governance, mystical ecstasy, and death.

Bridge as a Transition to a New Life (Part 2) Bridges have become associated with danger, death, or evil across the history of cinema.Psychologically the walkway or road over empty space fills us with dread and uncertainty.Long ago, there must have been some trepidation in bypassing the gods and closing a natural gap over a river or valley.F.” On the other side of the bridge, he tells a kind-hearted, but wisely suspicious fisherman, “I am on my journey.” That journey leads him into the lives and hearts of several handfuls of economically poor people and grants him a deeper understanding of love and a complete redemption through his creation of a humble but vibrant church. Claudia is a waitress in a one-way working class town on the Atlantic coast, most likely New Jersey. There are two men in Claudia’s life, neither of whom can offer her much.Michael provides love and a home of sorts, while Charlie, who ran away once already, can only dangle hopes of going off somewhere together—Florida, Las Vegas, or Texas most likely.

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