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Do you feel self-conscious about getting it on with a woman for the first time? Tim I am on of the late cutters.I was 23..I have to say its much 'better' in every way , from my point of view...i know where everything is..have to think is there anything to worry about why zippin up..have been made up so to say ever since...loljust to make a point where i stand, i dont think theres ANYTHING wrong with it...

Now that you are older do you ever think about getting circumcised? i know a lot of people think its about appearance, but seriously i cant think of anything more normal looking.((thats for the mean emails ive been getting about this))i stand by it, i dont think women who do it are 'abusing' their children...

while I oppose the circumcision of small boys who aren't able to make their own decision, I nevertheless prefer an adult male who is circumcised.

I guess that's something of a contradiction, but there you go. To the person that said they smell bad - maybe you've had experiences with gross people that don't wash The uncut ones I've had experiences with, smell just fine, because those guys are clean.

I can't imagine that it would be such a chore to pull back the foreskin and wash...

I guess that's something of a contradiction, but there you go.haha, its funny, but I totally know what you mean.

Sex is much much better with American men because of the thing.

Not every woman is into sex therefore the thing does not really matter for some women. Also, the uncut one looks unpleasant and women are visual. It looks appealing, sexy and handsome without foreskin.

I already know the truth about the STD’s and infections and hygiene, so if you are un-cut and taking care of yourself, do you find any other problems? for some unknown reason, if anyone can shed some light on this, I'd sure like to know why that is ?It is horrible to me because of bad smell which a guy can not get rid no matter what. Also, an uncut male has more stamina and can last much longer.Please note: The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.Also, many Jewish people who are American and Muslim people who are American are circumcised.This is normal in the USA, but there shouldn't be any discrimination or prejudice against any group of people, including both "sides" - men who are circumcised and men who aren't. You will find some who think circumcision is barbaric and shouldn't be legal, and you will find some who think it is fine, and you will find some who want to circumcise their male children, especially if it's a part of their belief or family tradition. It's natural, the guy is much more sensitive, and I think the foreskin is fun to play with during sexual activities. In fact, he was probably the most clean and hygienic guy of the bunch.

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