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It sees Ellin Lavar, who dressed the singer, and her security guard, Kevin Ammons, confess that Whitney was bisexual and in love with her assistant.

After Whitney died in 2012, her notorious ex-husband Bobby Brown said she might still be alive if she was allowed to be open about her sexuality.

director Taika Waititi and Marvel wanted to shake things up while giving an incredibly talented actress a chance to shine.

Thompson recently took to Twitter to confirm that like in the recent comics, her version of Valkyrie is bisexual.

It's amazing how effective that job that Clive Davis did was, he sold it and it worked.The filmmaker, whose movie about the legend airs on the BBC this weekend, finds it bizarre that Whitney's fans are so interested in her sexuality and the nature of her relationship with Robyn.He told Mail Online: 'It's almost like people want the condom or here's the stained sheet.In a documentary about her life, those closest to Whitney say she was in a relationship with Robyn Crawford, 56, the woman who spent 20 years by her side working for her.Whitney: Can I Be Me examines the highs and lows of her glittering career, while discussing who might be responsible for her tragic downfall and the drug habit that would go on to kill her.

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