Appeal cameron diaz oozing sex

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His limited appearances are worth it just for his terrific delivery and perfect sense of comedic timing.As a love interest he’s not effective at all but he’s still a delight everytime he shows up.Other than the odd supporting role in good movies like , Diaz has emerged more as a recognizable face in mainstream films than as a leading lady worth Oscar gold.Her aged persona has given her the rare opportunity to acquire a new taste for projects like this summer’s comedy, , where she plays an elementary school teacher who is someone that deserves her own form of detention for constant profanity, drug use and drinking. Though she tries a little too hard to be in the same league as a certain filthy Santa impersonator, the film’s script ends up being its major pitfall that holds it back from being a great comedy.To say the film drags at times is an understatement that can’t be ignored.After a good half hour of getting settled in to Elizabeth’s shocking way of education, the plot runs into brick walls frequently.Instead, you laugh at her reactions and incomprehensible acts of wrongdoings as a teacher.It wears thin quickly, especially when the plot gets stale and Diaz’s fifteenth f-bomb is uttered to horrified children.

She displayed talent early in a cute, innocent way that required only a set of eyes and a willingness to believe she was more that who she appeared to be.The career of an actress is incredibly more focused on a specific attribute that defines who they are, where their performances become labeled by a certain genre they comfortably fit into.The lifespan of a male actor is far more diverse and lengthy compared to that of a female.Timberlake however is the opposite, he is written as a one-note character.His naive charm and enthusiasm for being silly only stretches so far, which is a shame since he really has a knack for being comedic.

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